Number of members of a circle

Dear nc, I’d like to understand the default 50 members limit set on circles. I thought any number of people could join a circle, even thousands. Would that affect server performance in any way ?

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It was a request from a customer as some people started to generated huge list of members and use it to spam and flood with unnecessary files.

You can edit that limit without any problems.

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Unfortunately I can’t find any circles-settings. Where I can edit that limit?

Thanks a lot for helping.

Sorry if I am reopening this topic here. I have the same problem. Our circles app also only goes up to 50 users per circle created. The thread was marked as solved but where can I find the setting to increase the limit? This has not been described here. Currently running NC 22.2.2

Ha - I can now answer it myself. I got the solution via Github.
Thanks to the developers for the tip. This can be easily solved using the OCC commands.

The following command: ./occ config:app:set circles members_limit --value -1

-1 means no limit, or set an integer as limit

To set the value to -1 (default): ./occ config:app:delete circles members_limit

In my case the OCC command looked like this:
sudo -u apache php occ config:app:set circles members_limit --value 200

To check if this is the case, use this OCC command:
sudo -u apache php occ config:app:get circles members_limit

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