Npm ci exec faild


When I try to use make dev-setup to install the dependency, this exception occurs. When I use /usr/bin/git ls-remote -h -t ssh://, it works fine. Why?

Is there any useful information in the log file mentioned below? Eventually, you have to increase the log level to get something useful there.

My first guess is that you have either switched users (maybe in the Makefile) or have a custom configuration for SSH.

It could also be a bug in NPM/Node, see for example this report.

ok,thanks! it does help me,
but i use “npm run build”,it does work,it v24.0.1 Loss of dependence?

What version of @nextcloud/vue are you trying to build against? Are you by chance building with @nextcloud/vue version 5.x.x? for NC 24 and before? Then the names of the Vue components are different.
You can check your version by npm ls @nextcloud/vue.

ok,thanks,I tried to install the missing dependencies one by one, and eventually I solved the problem.