Now to reach Settings/Configuration-Screen NextCloud Hub?

Three weeks ago I installed NextCloudPi on a Raspberry Pi3, one week later I changed to a Raspberry Pi4 and yesterday, due to OnlyOffice, to an Ubuntu-Server. You see, I really fond of NextCloud :grinning: I installed it in one step with Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS and it works fine, but I am unable to change the settings, e.g. Backups, Config, Networking and so on. In fact, I am unable to reach a Screen like „NextCloudPi Panel“… Is there any kind of such a Configuration-Screen for NextCloud Hub? Or must I do all changes via ssh?

Did not fully understand your posting. You did not file the topic template and you did not ask any question in your posting. Please improve.

Are you missing the administration interface on your ubuntu?

NextcloudPi != Ubuntu

i guess you installed nextcloud via snap.
but on your rasbpi you used nextlcoudpi.

that’s not the same. the nextcloudpi panel is only in nextcloudpi. or?

The Admin-Interfaces (new users or apps etc.) works. So, in there is no kind of a NextCloudPi-Panel I must use ssh for changes?

Yes. As @Reiner_Nippes stated: the nextcloudpi panel is only in nextcloudpi

well. of course you can try to install nextcloudpi on ubuntu. there is a docker version.