Notify_push with 2 instances on the same linux server?

Hi everyone,

I have 2 instances of Nextcloud 24 on a single x86 linux server. I have succefuly enabled Push Notifications on the 1st one, but I don’t know how to set the 2nd.

I’ve tried to :

  • add lines in the etc/systemd/system/notify_push.service → but then the service doesn’t run.
  • create a 2nd etc/systemd/system/notify_push_2.service → but it’s not recognized by the occ notify_push:setup

Is it possible to configure 2 High-Performance Backend on the same machine ?

I’m so alone here… :disappointed_relieved:

I tried the same thing. I can run the push_notify Service for each instance without an issue finally.

  1. You want to enable the “Client push” / notify_push app on all instances.

  2. Create a service file, but have different ports for each instance.

  3. Add the reverse-proxy rule to each domain / nextcloud-instance and adopt the port! in it.

  4. Then you can run the self-test (occ notify_push:self-test for each instance, follow accordingly)

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Thanks @neocult-de ! I can now have both services running on 7867 and 7868, but I have this message when I do the setup with the 7868 config :
🗴 failed to run self-test.
Do you have a clue ?

Hi Grorom

First thing, after installing the services and enabling them on the different ports, run the setup again and then self-test. (Especially for the :7868 instance)

Second, if the self-test still fails, it helped me to debug the notify_push service by running in directly on the console. Take the line from your service files accordingly:

/my/path/to/nextcloud/apps/notify_push/bin/x86_64/notify_push /my/path/to/nextcloud/config/config.php

BUT: Switch to the right user first and define your environment variable for the domain by copying the line to your console. Then the service will give you a direct output about whats wrong.

Third, if you want to make absolutely sure your push service works on the domain, use the test_client at the end of the documentation of notify_push (GitHub - nextcloud/notify_push: Update notifications for nextcloud clients)

Hope that helps you getting forward.