Notifications on calendar - i don't get it


on my nextcloud installation (20.0.5), I’ve setup email notifications for calendar, that means

Groupware -> Calendar Server -> Send invitations, Send notifications for events and Enable notifications for events via push

are activated.

Whenever I create a calendar entry and add an attendee, that person gets notified for that event. Once in a while, there might be attendees that I do not want to receive any emails. My understanding is that the option “Send e-mail” for a specific attendee would control that. However, regardless if that setting is enabled or not, the attendee will always receive an email. Do I get something wrong?



Same problem here (NC 21 && NC22).

The setting “Groupware > Calendar Server > Send invitations to attendees” seems overwrite the “Send e-mail” checkbox behavior.
I’ll be back if i see a solution.

Best Regards.