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Why am I getting random notifications from the forum? I just got an email about this topic and I never subscribed to it… It’s not the first time. And unsubscribe options are to mute one topic or totally mute whole Nextcloud Community…

[Edit] ok, found it in the settings, someone thought it’s a good idea to send random notification if the user is not active on the forum by default. What a stupid idea.

i got an email notification too lol

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Hi guys, i made my own post about this issue and also got notifications from this one. I guess it’s because it’s about the same issue.

Anywayz, just wanted to let you guys know i solved it using the big guns.
Just made a new VM with a fresh install using this guide :

Howto Install NextCloud 20 on Ubuntu 20.04.1 The classic way [Wiki] - :bookmark_tabs: How to - Nextcloud community

Must say i was a bit withholding cause my first manual install took days to really complete.
And i already had a new setup running using snap but this one had no SMB support and WebDav was failing me (spent hours on it).
But this manual install using this guide went really smooth, only needed couple of hours.

Everything works now on the latest version (didn’t use snap offcourse) and that WebMin the guide makes you install (which i didn’t know about first) is really usefull.

I use samba shares to several Windows hosts (servers and clients) and now even manged to share the root volumes with a dollar sign. (there is the default root share but don’t use that one)
Meaning i have less external storage entries to add.
In the files overview it’s also nice to see the total size of those volume’s in Nextcloud.

And in the Windows Nextcloud client it’s really fun now to select the folders i need cause i have everything (instead of an important collection of shared folders, like 5 volumes instead of 20 shares)

I must say that things only started syncing fully until i created a seperate (non admin) local user on each of the windows targets and gave him read/write on the full volume. (im in a 2019 domain at home)
(Using the change owner in advanced ACL and checking both the checkboxes to apply this to all subfolders, the only right way to apply a windows ACL recursivly without any real errors)

Where did you find the setting to turn off the random forum notification emails?

I suspect it’s this, but I didn’t have time yet to confirm it:


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I just moved this topic out of a different completely unrelated topic.