Notification zip file created always coming back

Nextcloud Hub 3 25.0.3
I have Nextcloud running on a Ubuntu server 22.04.
2.4.52-1ubuntu4.3 amd64
running on php8.1-fpm/now 8.1.15-3+ubuntu22.04
Package: Zipper 1.1.2

I once created a zip file and shared this file via link. But since then, every time a client is started (windows, linux) I get a message like: Your zip file is being created and ready. (or something like that).
How do I get rid of that message?
I do not see this message if I log in to the web interface.

I clicked on the message, clicked on the small cross on the message, had a look at the messages in the client, etc. But it always comes back.
What is the trick here? Is this a zipper app problem, or something in Nextcloud it self.

This is what I mean. Anyone?