Notification when HDD is getting low?


i can not see any option to set notifications when HDD space is getting low. Is there any possibility to define any alerts on a fixed value?

Version 28.0.1.

Thank you.

An app like this: Quota warning - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

thank you, but i don’t think that it is what I’m looking for. We do not have a user quota,

I would like to be informed by email when the actual disk space is almost full. the info is available in the “system” section.

Maybe you could implement this on the OS level. Here’s an example: Tech Tip: Send an Email Alert When Your Disk Space Gets Low | Linux Journal

You will have to setup this by other means. There is no such feature. It would also be difficult in practice. Let me explain:
Some storage providers use virtual limits, and in other occasions it is a pooled storage, hence the disk itself might not be running low, but the allocated storage is running full. In this scenario it might not be trackable by nextcloud. Implementing a feature like this risks for NC owners/operators to rely on this feature until it becomes clear that it is inadequate in their specific setup. So you should do your own monitoring.