NOTIFICATION to be added for the ‘share a folder by e-mail’ feature (according to GDPR rules) *budget [€500]*


We want a new feature that can be a good one for the community.
It seems simple. We have a **budget of €500 ** for it.

Can the Nextcloud team or some NC App developer realise it ?
Thank you to contact me directly if you can make it. Would be nice if it can be done asap.

It concerns the feature that allow to share a folder with an email address.
Presently when a file is added or modified in a folder, the activity management allows to register it and to sent email notifications only to registered users, thanks to activity settings.
This new app would be an extension of the activity app as to notify the email addresses designated in a shared folder only when a file is added or updated somewhere in the subtree of the folder.

To fit with GDPR rules, I give below some precaution for messages.


As completely managed by recipient, the only visible thing in Nextcloud will be:

The frequency to send notification emails to shared emails will be set by an admin
in SETTINGS > Activity at the bottom of the page, to be added :

Default settings

Configure the default activity notification for new user.(existing)

 . . . .  (existing)

Configure the default activity notification for e-mails. (new)

Send emails : Daily, Weekly     and NOT Hourly   to avoid spam feeling
                       (drop down with same design as the other Send emails)

Thank you to use the l10n language system to manage foreign languages.

EMAIL MESSAGES with opt-in opt-out rules

Would be the same message sent to new shared email with an add :
To fit with new opt-in rules, thank you to add a new sentence and an action button at the bottom of the welcome mail message :

I opt-in to receive email notifications of this folder’s update [ I opt-in ] (button)
I will have the choice to opt-out each time I receive a notification.

The default setting for each ‘share a folder e-mail’ is opt-out
If the recepient click the opt-in button, the setting for this user will be
turned to yes for A new file or folder has been created
and turned to yes for A file or folder has been changed or renamed

For the notification message dedicated to shared by email, the same design as the classic notification message is used.
At the bottom of this message dedicated to shared emails, an opt out text is added :

I don’t want to receive any more notifications from this folder [ I opt-out ] (button)
If the button is clicked by recipient, it disable the notification feature for this e-mail in this folder.