Notification of a public link chat notification

Hi all.

I shared a photo link today to a none Nextcloud user (public link)

When they opened the link it worked ok but then on the right side they could “Discuss” the share with me which they did but I did not get a notification that they had opened a conversation. Instead, they send me an SMS on my phone to tell me. Sure enough, when I went to the share on my Nextcloud instance I could see that they had tried to “discuss” the share with me but I had to go to files. then the share to see the chat that they had started.

Should I have not received a notification that a recipient of a public share has tried to “Discuss” with me?

I have a had a look around and cant find anything in the Talk settings, Activity Settings (except notification for Talk is active for my stream)

Once I looked at my share we had a chat which worked very well.

Have I got this right. Should I at least get a notification that someone is or has tried to “Discuss” with me?

Best wishes