Notification for Groupfolders - for all in Group

I am facing issue, that group with group folder is not receiving notifications when something new is uploaded.


Group Folder - User Group (in the Group , I have few users)

When I make DIR as a user and share that folder, all users , which have share rights

It is possible to get notifications for Group folders ?

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I have the same Problem. Is there a way to activate notifications for Group Folders?

I will be happy, if somebody can help me.


Are there any updates on this? Could one of you make notifications for group folders work?

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Add ‘activity_use_cached_mountpoints’ => ‘true’, to your config.php to enable notifications for group folders


By default activities in groupfolders are only generated for the current user. This is due to the logic of groupfolders. There is a config flag activity_use_cached_mountpoints that makes activities in groupfolders work like in normal shares when set to true .

Thanks for the information, good to know, but as per documentation, there is a security issue when enabling this variable :slight_smile:

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*This config option comes with the following limitations:

  1. If “Advanced Permissions” (ACLs) are enabled in a groupfolder, the activities don’t respect the permissions and therefore all users see all activities, even for files and directories they don’t have access to. This potentially leaks sensitive information! See this issue for more information.*

I guess it could be good to have a better solution, or to get bug fixed (Activity Stream doesn't seem to respect advanced permissions · Issue #1057 · nextcloud/groupfolders · GitHub)

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