NotesTutorial - errors

I’m trying to make the new app, but I stuttered on tutorial - make command stop with errors like this (I made change just in file bootstrap.php, remaining files are without changes, Nextcloud version is 18.0.2)
There were 7 errors:

  1. OCA\NotesTutorial\Tests\Unit\Controller\NoteApiControllerTest::testUpdate
    Error: Class ‘OCA\NotesTutorial\Controller\NoteController’ not found



line 13>use OCA\NotesTutorial\Controller\NoteController;
line 28> $this->controller = new NoteController(
‘notestutorial’, $this->request, $this->service, $this->userId
I’m not able to resolve this, is there something wrong with tutorial and Nextcloud version or I overlooked something?
Thank you in advance for any help/note!

Hello, just info that problem solved - in v.17 everything works as expected.