Notes on Android - Attachments to the Notes impossible?

Hi, i would like to simply create a new Note with an image (jpg, png) or file (pdf) from Android Phone

I tried all kind of ways with version 24, 25 and now 26.0.1.

Unluckily i never was sucessfull. I see there is a new editor that I could chose (Rich text editor)

My very simple question:

Did anyone succeed in creating a note including adding and attachment on Android 12 in any way?

I tried:

  • Nextcloud App in Notes folder (Error)
  • Nextcloud Notes App
  • Brave Browser via https and normal login to the public Nextcloud instace

none of these seems to work

On a Brave Browser via https on an ubuntu desktop laptop, I was able to add an attachment to a new note, so basically it could be an Android ONLY issue.

Did someone solve this riddle already or maybe someone has an idea?

Thank you

Good morning, just wanted to check by and update:

I tried yesterday to add attachments to an old note and also to new notes from the Notes App on Brave Browser on Ubuntu Desktop and it worked like a charm:

What is new in Version 26, is that if you open the Android Notes App, then you will be able to see the attached images ONLY if you activate the rich text editor… with the old view the images are not shown… maybe this helps some developers to understand the riddle. I am sure the developers do not use notes but google keep :slight_smile:

But even from the rich text editor you cannot attach images at all, at least i did not find a function to do so?