Notes function on IOS

I have a setup where there are iPads and iPhones, all but one working with a built in “notes” option in the nextcloud app (under the “+”). Does anyone have any idea why the 5th iPhone doesn’t have the option? I went through all I can think of, and I can’t find anything to unlock or allow that function…

Which iOS version is on that device?

It’s one update behind, but the update to NC12 and a bit of monkeying around got it working.

Could you investigate the reason?

I was wrong- still no notes showing. I will try to confirm today if we can get the phone updated (it would say that it lost internet connectivity while verifying, whether on WiFi or LTE)

Are you a twin :slight_smile:

All my devices are on 10.3.2, so I cannot support you with testing.

Confirmed, on 10.3.2 also. Notes are not visible (though are through Safari on the phone, but encrypted), and no Add Note function is available either.