Notes App missing / incompatible @ Nextcloud 14

Notes app is missing (disabled) after the Nextcloud Update.

These incompatible apps will be disabled:

Notes (notes)

I need this App, is there no way to activate it?
Or is an update in progress?

Nextcloud is updating and after this, it is requesting me, for updating Apps and notifying incompatible apps. Maybe it make sense to show the incompatible apps first, as long as the old version is supported, I would stay on this version.


I believe there is a misunderstanding. For the update any older version of the notes app is disabled, but after update from NC 13 to 14 you have the chance to update your apps to current versions. Just go to your Apps Menu and look for updates.

My notes app running fine on NC14

The updater was checking for app updates for all apps, but why is any other app from the updater updated, except the notes app? :thinking:

You are right, I could manually update & activate, my fault.