Notes app features suggestion/request

I enjoy this as simpler as useful application and I substituted it with the Google Keeps one in my daily organization, nevertheless I think that some features are still missed, in particular:

  • give the ability to share a note directly from the note application (now it is possible to share a note only sharing its correspondent file from the notes folder created by the application)
  • improve the notes editor interface, adding for example a line to distinguish between the title and the content, and using bold for the former
  • introduce (checkable) list notes
  • introduce colors for notes
  • introduce the ability to archive notes

I know, all these features look very similar to some Keeps ones but in my experience they are what make the difference between a simple basic text editor and a notes application.

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I am with you here. I used to use Google Keep heavily and am looking for a replacement. I especially liked to have pictures with some notes and have them organized in that wall where you can move them around and have a first glimpse at them. It was much faster for me to find what I was looking for. Unless of course you have thousands of them…