Note app for web and android platform

Dear all,

I have a simple requirement.
Need a simple note plugin for nextcloud so you can edit, add, delete notes using the webinterface.
Have a android app that can handle these note too.
The android app should be able to sync the notes and work offline with notes if no connection to nextcloud server is available.

Can anyone recommend here a plugin for nextcloud and an app for android?

Thanks a lot

Hello idefix,

If you do not need formatting, please try Nextcloud Notes v0.11.0 from the Google Play Store. This is related to the App Notes v2.2.0 in Nextcloud.

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There is also ownNote for formatted notes. It is not maintained anymore for a while, but by adjusting max Nextcloud version string in its info.xml it works still fine for me. You can get it directly from github:
or from ownCloud AppStore:

Android app is available on PlayStore and f-droid, also still working fine here.

Thanks a lot for this tip.

It does what I need, only feature missing is, that the application stores the last position and place the cursor again on the same position if you open the note again.
Or easy to implement is to place the cursor at the end of the file. I opened an issue, maybe it is easy to implement.

Thanks MichaIng, but I will not install not maintained software :smiling_imp: no matter how good or bad it is.

Totally understandable, just wanted to give the information for completeness ;).

I use Nextcloud Notes on Android. On Nextcloud I use both Notes (only to synchronize with the Android app, although it includes an editor) and Nextcloud Markdown Editor, which extends the Text Editor in Nextcloud with a live preview for markdown files.

Thanks, test the Nextcloud Markdown Editor but it is not working.
But as I only have simple text, this is not really required.

I installed the Markdown Editor using the app store integrated into Nextcloud.