Not showing all files

If I copy a file into an exsiting folder or a new folder under a existing user via command line, I can not see either. Why? Is there a DB table or file that controls what shows on the web?


using Vault 11.0 alpha (git)

Issue is to run su apache -c “/media/data/html/occ files:scan user” type command before trying to mess with filecache table and utilize the power of occ

So… it’s not quite clear from your last post - Did running off files:scan user resolve your issue? If so I’ll mark this as solved (or you can)

Hey there i have the same issue. I am on ubuntu using nginx and the issue is only on firefox and chrome. On IE is working fine. It started after i upgraded to NC 11. When i am on i see only the spinning circle. Also the menus on top left with the apps and the menu under the user is not opening. When i click on it it flashes and not opening.
This issue looks like it is only in firefox and chrome. Any help would be great.