Not right app store?

Hello !

I know that a lot of owncloud apps are compatible for nextcloud.

I had juste migrate from OC9 to NC10 and I’m surprise of something. When I go to add apps on my new NC10, I only see the owncloud Apps.

If I want OWNPAD which is on version 0.5.5 on Nextcloud apps, I can only download the 0.5.3 apps which is the owncloud apps…

I don’t know if you see what I mean. But to be clear, I have the same app store than OC9.

So if it’s “normal”, my question is simple, how can I install the 0.5.5 of ownpad without any app store ?
If I copy the downloaded file, how can I activate it ? If I do via tha store I had a simple message “folder already exists”.

Thanks for your help ! :wink:

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This is the normal behavior of the current Nextcloud 10 version. Nextcloud 9 and 10 are using the ownCloud appstore, because our own ( is currently under development and not finished yet.

It will be integrated with Nextcloud 11. If you want to install an app manually, you can also download the build from the repository of the developer and put the app into the /apps/ directory of your Nextcloud instance. After that, you can activate the app via occ or simply by going into the apps-menu and activating the app.

cc @BernhardPosselt

This is what I had understand about the app store. :wink:

But for now, I can’t activate the app via Apps-menu, because I had this message “folder already exists” if I tried to copy that manualy.

Do you have the link about the manual of “occ” ? :slight_smile:

The new app store is already usable, just add this to your config/config.php (Nextcloud 9/10 ):

'appstoreurl' => '',

We are currently in a bug fixing phase, just had one recently that deleted all uploaded releases ;D

Apart from that it should work well enough for daily usage. Consider things to be experimental. We are of course very happy if we get feedback and bug reports.

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Thanks a lot! This is helful.

But this is a “one or the other” setting?
Or can both apis be used?

No, one or the other