Not receiving notifications

I’m running v 18 and I no longer get email notifications when files were added to the server. I have checked in admin and test mail works fine. I have file or folder addition set to send emails yet I no longer get them. Can anyone please tell me what I have perhaps forgotten or how I can diagnose this further?

I have virtually all the notifications turned on and test email works yet I am no longer receiving any notifications for added files or folders, etc.

Can anyone please help me with this? Email is sent successfully when tested by admin. I have file changes (and most everything) set to send email notifications yet I no longer get any.

You can always check the logs. Normally, everything should be updated with the cronjobs. You receive mails, so I suppose the cronjobs are running.
There is always a table with oc_jobs where there are all tasks of the cronjobs. Check the list if there is something related to notifications …

Thanks for the reply. Since I have notifications set to “immediately”, is it still possible that a cron problem is causing this?