Not possible to perform fulltext search in shared folders

I have installed fulltext elasticsearch app. Everything works well for group folders and local folders. I have shared a folder with some user, when he tries to use universal search the data are not indexed and shown in the fulltext search results. Is it working for shared resources? Which specific permissions should be given if any to perform fulltext search in the documents? Thanks!

I only use groupfolder and looks full text search works for my groupfolder which is set by admin user and use with normal user on Nextcloud 25.0.4.

The matter is about specifically shared folders. I’ve got the following reply in the proper GitHub topic:

Hi, we get these URLs from the Full Text Search component on the server side, so this bug originates from the server module. I opened an issue here: GitHub - nextcloud/fulltextsearch: 🔍 Core of the full-text search framework for Nextcloud