Not possible to create new groups in NC14.0.0

I do not find how to create new groups in NC14.0.0. Am i missing something? In previous versions it was under adding new users.

Problem solved:
Either: 1 you add the new group in the “Add user in group” field on the admin line, Save the group and then create the new user and assign the user to the new goup which is now choosable in the “Add user in group” field. .
Or 2. Create the new user without assigning a new group (assuming you have enabled the Everyone group). Then on the new user line you write the name of the new group in the “Add user in group” field.

this took me a bit too, in the page where you add users, the field where it says group next to a user that you are editing just start typing in the group name you want then update that user and it will show the group on the left column. I can send a small video of doing this when I get home as I accidentally locked myself out of my OMV install after changing to non-standard ports and Anydesk is down.


Add the new group before create the user in the admin user.

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There is no alternative to add a new group. No button.

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This does not work. I can add user to the admin group but not to everyone, and if I write another name I get a message No result.

I will be home shortly and I will try making a video

You can see this screen recorder


Precisely the video I was going to make :wink: Thank you Richard.

Thank you Richard
You create the new group as admin and save that group first, and then you add the new user to that group.

I found out that I can create a new user and save him with no other group than Everyone - which is assigned automatically. I can then create a new group for that user. The Admin is assigned to the new group automatically.

My problem was that I wanted to create a new user and assign a new group at the same time as I created the new user. When I wrote the name of the new group in the “Add user in group” field I got a message “Not found”. This was confusing.

I think there should be an explanation to either create the new group as admin and then add new user, or create the new user first and then the new group when the user has been created. Or a button to add new groups (as in previous versions). It would be more intuitive. I understand that will come in next upgrade

Here is something else to consider: Browser compatibility.

I could not make new groups using Safari 12.0 (13606.2.11) on Mac OSX 10.13.6 (17G65)… the + option in the group field on the users page just does not show.

But, using Chrome 69.0.3497.100 the + option to add a group shows, making new groups a possibility.

(At the time I write this, these versions are the most current and up-to-date. I can only imagine what issues even slightly older browsers may have.) Anyway, this was the accidental workaround to my frustration with being unable to make new groups.

I would say this is a UX designing problem! I should be able to define a new group when I am creating a user!