Not login with Chrome Local Network

Hello guys,

My environment:

  • NextCloud 16.0.5
  • Centos 7.6.18
    apache: 2.4.6
    php 7.2.18
    -PFSense 2.4.4

My nextcloud are setup with subdomain.

The problem is that when I’m on the local network, it only works correctly with Mozila Firefox, Chrome and EDGE, just opens the screen and keeps trying to log in but it doesn’t load. Already checked the logs shows nothing, apparently does not reach the connection on the server.
Outside the local network, it works in all browsers.

That sounds like a DNS problem to me. Have you set-up a local DNS with a sub domain override? If not, your DNS request is most likely sent to a DNS server on the internet and resolved to your external ip address. Unfortunately, many internet routers aren’t able to handle these kind of connection attempts correctly.