Not getting notifications from activities

Nextcloud version _22.02
Operating system and version _Ubuntu 20.04.3
Apache or nginx version _2.4.41
PHP version _7.4.3

Just did a fresh install and the setup went fine. I can get emails no problem. I have all of the notification check boxes enabled. I do get notified when I send and get shares, but that is it. I make a change to a file and get nothing.

How do I go about figuring this out?


I have checked the all of the log files and fixed a few issues, but I’m still only getting notifications about shares and not local changes.

Does anyone else have this problem? I find it hard to believe no one else has the same issue when I can recreate it.

I have found that once the LDAP was setup, the notifications stopped. I logged in as a local user and the email notification option was not available. I wonder if using LDAP for users is creating an issue?