Not enumerating all directories

Hi I;m a new user. My server is set up and the desktop client is syncing fine except when I point it at the directory that I want synced, it just ignores a handful of subdirectories. So like these are the directories that it enumerated to sync

but there are actually 6 more directories and a handful of files that should also be on the list.

I tried disconnecting the directory from sync, and reconnecting it, but same thing. The missing directories do not have non-ASCII characters, weird permissions or anything else like that.

I feel like I’m missing something obvious, but the UI is pretty simple.

I never got a response, but I’ll share a workaround.

  1. Remove file folder synchronization.
  2. Connect again, but deselect all directories.
  3. Remove file folder syncronization again.
  4. Connect again, this time all directories will be present.