Not display username and password after installing Nextcloud mobile app for Android

2-3 times I installed the Nextcloud mobile app from Google Play to discover the features inside but the Nextcloud android mobile app login screen only prompts me to enter server URL. It supposed to have username and password also in login screen with the server URL, but none. Why this thing happens?

Hi @Ain_Nazrah,
it is supposed to only show the url, after putting the url hit the arrow on the screen that’ll open the web login where you grant the device access to the server and you authenticate via username password. The app will then retrieve login/device specific login token an work with that one.

Ok thank you @Andy


I tried the arrow but I still have no field to write the username and password. For a very short time, it says “Testing connection”, then replace that message by “Wrong username or password”.

What do your logs say? How is your server configured?

I use Framasoft’s server:

I looked for the log on my phone, I found a file here:

It says this:

The folders android/data/com.nextcloud.client/files and android/media/com.nextcloud.client are empty.

Same issue here on Android App.

I can log in from the browser on my phone using the same URL i am putting into the blank but it just keeps rolling back to incorrect username and password message. I see the “testing connection” as described above for about 1 second then it fails out.

update for my specific issue that might help someone. I was using CloudFlare as SSL proxy when having issues.

Migrated to a local instance of LE and Nginx and now things are working fine. Might be something cloudflare is blocking causing the initial issue with the app not being able to see the nextcloud instance.