Not compatible with Nextcloud 12.0.0


I have upgraded my Nextcloud to 12.0.0, now ocr can’t be activated​. How can I solve the Problem?

Get the new master from github:

According to issue discussion it should be moreless ready for nextcloud 12, but of course it’s still in development and might contain bugs. In appinfo/info.xml the max nextcloud version still need to be set to 12 to be able to enable it.

€: I added a github issue to lift the max nextcloud version number, so at least this one can be left out (together with possibly following integrity check issues) to test the app:

If you face any problem, it could be helpful to report them on the related testing issue on github:

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Like @MichaIng already said, unfortunately the development for NC12 is still in progress. The behavior for the personal settings UI changed and I’ll have to fix this before releasing. The quick fix of Michalng only sets the version to 12. You could try it with his fixes, but I am looking forward to release a brand new version in about a week. The javascript and the worker will then be much more modern then before. :wink: Hope you can wait until this is ready?
The alternative would be to base on @Michalng’s pull request and don’t care about the personal settings bug.


yes in can wait :slight_smile:

Is there an ETA? No rush, just asking :wink:

I plan to release the first testable version for nc12 next weekend. Maybe already earlier… don’t know yet, but it’s getting closer :wink:


not to rush! but I see that NC12 might have a beta candidate for planned release later. When is that beta / release scheduled? 3.1.0-beta.1

I hope I can ship it this week. I think it should be at least as stable as the 2.x version, now.

Howdy @janis91, best wishes for a good and blessed 2018 !

Lets aim for good traction on the community for OCR with Nextcloud. Would you say its good2go ? Or are you working as well on NC13 integration already? I’m asking as I’m in the planning phase what to do with my NC12.04 version. Should I upgrade to NC13 to get the latest or would it then not work with OCR? I’m asking as I’m planning to go give it some testrun on some PDF’s that I have scanned as part of the archiving for our church and I like to do OCR integration with those PDF’s.
Cheers, jeroen