Not allowed to open embedded etherpad

I am using nextcloud on uberspace and I would like to use the etherpad lite installation that I set up there too inside the cloud. So I added the Ownpad app and made the needed configuration:

  • Enabled Etherpad in the additional settings
  • Use Etherpad API with the key
  • Enter the Etherpad Cookie Domain which is https://<myusername> as both subdomains are https://cloud.<myusername> and https://pad.<myusername>

I added the mimetypes and the changed the requireSession and editOnly settings to true. I restarted etherpad.

I am able to create a pad but not to open it inside the cloud:
"Firefox darf diese eingebettete Seite nicht öffnen

Zu Ihrem Schutz erlaubt pad.<myusername> es Firefox nicht, diese Seite anzuzeigen, wenn sie in eine andere Seite eingebettet ist. Zur Anzeige der Seite muss diese in einem neuen Tab geöffnet werden."

I tried with the TOR browser first, but as I thought it might be because of its restrictions I used a default FF browser with same results.

I changed Etherpads’s trustproxy setting to ‘true’ and samesite setting to ‘None’ without any improvement.

I changed FF’s settings for activity tracking but couldn’t remark any changes either.

I remember that I could use the created pad at the first try at least outside nextcloud following the ‘open in new tab’ link but now it is somehow blocked: “Du hast keine Berechtigung, um auf dieses Pad zuzugreifen”

I searched but only found some older unsolved threads or such not helpful for me. So I’ve got the impression that it is an uncommon issue even I guess I am doing standard stuff. What am I overlooking? What have I missed?

All installations are up to date.

Sorry no real idea.

But you can use Nextcloud Text as a markdown etherpad. Perhaps you like it.

Thank you for that advice. I didn’t notice that this app was already activated. Looks quite useful and will do it.

So far I have deleted my etherpad’s setting.json and reconfigured a copy of the settings.json.template. Only deactived the dirty part. Like this I can use etherpads at least in a new tab.