Not all photos/videos show in client apps

I have a handful of files that when viewing through the folder view they appear and i can play/view them no problem. When viewing the Gallery in either the web GUI or the Client GUI the dates that are past 2019 or prior to 2012 do not appear. I suspect that the device that recorded these Future files was a very old device and the time was never properly set. causing the recordings to be time stamped incorrectly.

All of these files were uploaded through the Nextcloud client. I even ran the file scan to make sure they all exist in the DB. I also ran a full preview generator.

The 2 re occurring issues i seem to always have is
The file count 20k+ never matches how many pictures i can actually see in the client.
The clients never seem to generate thumbnails or don’t load them fast enough.

I’m new to Nextcloud. Ive only bee running the server for a few months but have never been able to have a stable/reliable build. I’m loosing faith in this product.

could someone confirm this for me? i have been reading in the forum and i found some topics that state that the gallery does not show videos. is this the case. if so it would explain the web gui issue i explain above.

i have since discovered that the ios clients will play the .mov .3gp .mp4 while the gallery doesnt display them. the 3gp and mp4 files play from the web gui but the .mov files wont.

if i download the .mov file it plays with no issues.

anyone have any workarounds for these issues