Not all Contacts birthdays in calender


Ik searched the forum but could not fins a simular post… I’ve just imported contacts and got all their birthdays in the info too. In de contacts birthdays in calender they are not all shown, though. Only 34 out of 43 are visible.

Does anybody know what the problem vould be?

The birthday calendar might not instantly be refreshed, based on your cron job settings. You can try to force a resync using the “occ dav:sync-birthday-calendar ...” command.
BTW, have you always entered a full birthday date, including a year?


Not sure this being the same.

Some days ago i added birthday to existing contact through lightning. It has been synced as expected to NC contacts birthday calendar but until now never has been synced to the DAVX5 calendar on my android mobile. I already tried occ…, but no success.

Suggestions are welcome. thx

Have you set-up the regular cron job which is required to execute Nextcloud maintenance tasks in the background?

thx j-ed

Yes. It reports “*/15 * * * * php -f /var/www/nextcloud/cron.php”.

But wait, since my post i recognized DAVX5 never been updated since installation. Actually i’m doing a uninstall/reinstall/configure cycle on this. I will report, when finished.


Based on the admoinistrator guide it is recommend to run the job every 5min :wink:

thx for helping, j-ed

This has done it. Actually everything working as expected :slight_smile:
I’ve set cron cycle to 5’.