Not able to save onlyoffice documents

I updated to NC 18.0.1 and finished the onlyoffice with documentserver integration.
Brought everything up to speed so far.

But when I use the onlyoffice integration what means I do some changes on some documents - mostly word and excel files, I am not able to see those changes at home at my laptop when I open those documents with my Microsoft applications. I am only able to see the changes I did when I open them up through the web. What am I doing wrong here?

Thank for your help.

You probably have autosave enabled in the settings and use an cron system instead of webcron. In that case it will take a few minutes for the content to be saved to the file.

I hope that there will be a better “save on exit” in the future as I also find this behaviour quite annoying.

Hi Krischan
That does not make a difference in my case. Autosave on / off
Either way changes are saved or can be saved manually. But behind that, it is somehow not written or commited to the file. Timestamp does not change. The odd thing is, when I open up the for example word file on my windows notebook - through the NC client synced to my notebook, and I do a change - besided that I dont see the changes as mentioned I made through the onlyoffice integration, as soon as I save that file from my notebook, word, all changes are lost. When I than open the file in the webbrowser I only see what I did from my notebook word client. All what I made bevore through onlyoffice is lost.


similar problem for me.

Nextcloud 18.0.1, Community Document Server 0.1.5, OnlyOffice 4.1.4
Ubuntu 18 Server, Webcron every 5 minutes
Only using the web interface, no desktop clients

  • docx with some content is uploaded to nextcloud
  • docx is opened in the browser with onlyoffice, changes are made
  • onlyoffice editor is closed
  • changes are never saved to actual file, timestamp of file doesn’t change
  • changes only visible when opening onlyoffice again, downloading shows the old file

Even worse: Some files cannot be opened with the editor after a while. Editor opens and loads forever at 100%. So changes are lost.

No errors in the logs, just
Undefined index: changelogURL at …/core/Controller/WhatsNewController.php#91
which I guess is unrelated…

exactly that behaviour on my side

Incase any of you are having the same underlying issue…

I had some trial and error yday when I was installing nextcloud and onlyoffice on two different servers and noticed a very high cpu load from the server running onlyoffice.

Tried but no dice.
Found later that newer versions of nodejs can make the spellchecker module eat up your cpu and after I changed to 8.17, the cpu usage went from a constant 100% to a low idle of around 1% and alot more responsive.
(Onlyoffice 5.5 is around the corner and is supposed to support nodejs 10/11 if i’m not mistaken)

Maybe related?
Otherwise just ignore my message :stuck_out_tongue: