Not able to finish installation from remote pc

I have a XigmaNas server at home. I am not good with CLI and FreeBSD (Xigmanas is based on FreeBSD). I have installed and successfully configured Nextcloud using the Xigmanas GUI. All works 100% but… Xigmanas only offers SQLite as ‘already configured’ database. It does offer MariaDB but there are a few things to setup before using MariaDB. Obviously SQLite is not suited for what I want to do. I have successfully done the steps needed for MariaDB and now I am asked to login to NextCloud to finish the installation and linkage to MariaDB.
And here is my problem: Although I do have access to the XigmaNas server, I am not good with FreeBSD. I have to finish the last step from my windows pc. But MariaDB does not allow me to connect to it BEFORE I finish the installation. MariaDB can only connect using the localhost ( But I am not on the server :frowning:
Is there a way to finish the installation from another PC on the same LAN? Obviously I do know the LAN address of the server but the port is not open yet because the configuration is not finished…

The explanation of your problem shows all your confusion; it is completely incomprehensible to me what you exactly did and what steps have to be taken and why.
But as far as I understood, this is not a Nextcloud issue but an issue what has to do with your OS, so it actually has not much to do with this forum.

Did you already read the complete → Manual of XigmaNas ← ?
Did you already ask in the → XigmaNas forum ← ?

I’ll leave it open though in case anyone knows exactly what steps you need to take, or in case you can explain better what exactly you did, with more comprehensive descriptions of everything involved.

Much and good luck,

Hmmm… Unfortunately my German language is not that good anymore. I have left Germany just over 40 years ago…
Let me try again in short/simple English.

  1. I have installed NextCloud on my home server.
  2. My home server is FreeBSD.
  3. I did all installations using the XigmaNas GUI interface.
  4. NextCloud needs to save data in a database.
  5. XigmaNas has pre-programmed all the necessary settings for NextCloud.
  6. However, this pre-programmed settings are only valid for a simple database called SQLite.
  7. Everything works fine if I use SQLite.
  8. I want to expand the database to include more functions.
  9. I have decided to go with MariaDB.
  10. Xigmanas GUI does most settings for this new databse but not all of them (like it does with SQLite).
  11. The very last step of the installation, Xigmanas asks me to close the GUI on the Windows PC and finish the installation on the server itself, using the CLI.
  12. I am not good with the CLI in FreeBSD. So, it is not easy for me to finish the installation.
  13. I am OK with networking and the GUI of Xigmanas.
  14. I realised that I only need to link my PC to the server running MariaDB, using an IP address and a port number.
  15. I do have the (LAN) IP address but there is no port opened yet.
  16. The Port is only given AFTER the final settings have been saved!!!
  17. The only way to connect to MariaDB BEFORE the settings are saved is by using (local loop back)
  18. Because I connect from a different computer, the local loopback address does not take me to MariaDB, so I can not finish the settings.

QUESTION: Is there a way to connect the controlling PC to the Xigmanas server and finish the final settings? Can you think of any other way of sorting out the issue?

That is definitivly a question you should ask in the XigmaNas forum.
I would try to get a ssh connection to your server. ssh (Secure Shell) uses port 22 and gives you the remote access you need.


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Hey, Thank You. I managed to get SSH working… :+1:
Now I have to figure out what the correct settings are…
XigmaNas people can’t help either. They are all professionals. FreeBSD is a pretty closed group…
However, my issue is narrowed down to the communication between MariaDB. and NextCloud. Will work at the issue again next weekend.

Read MariaDB parts from the link (sorry Debian) and post your way of installation.

Thank you all. I fixed it with the help from Xigmanas/FreeBSD forum.
We made a thread there (should a new user wish to install NextCloud from the GUI). No CLI commands needed anymore.