Not able to exit maintenance mode

I recently rebuilt a new Nextcloud server. Now everynight the server goes into maintenance mode. Im assuming at this point when our backups run which puts Nextcloud into maintenance mode. But it wont exit maintenance mode. The only resolution i can find is rebooting the server.

Trying to manually exit maintenance mode gives me this:

sudo nextcloud.occ maintenance:mode -–off

The “-–” option does not exist.

maintenance:mode [–on] [–off]

Not sure what the issue might be.

Nextcloud version 20.0.8
Ubuntu 18.04.5. LTS

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Good morning man, hope you are doing well…

Did you tried with only one “-” instead of “–”?

Have a nice week mate.


I did try one dash with the same result.

Are you inside the right “nextcloud.occ” path?

ugh, I just noticed one was a short dash and one was a long dash.

Hhahahahaha, that resolved your problem?

Hope it worked.

Have a nice week mate!


Yup, that did it.