Not able to connect to the app store via IPv6


We are running Nextcloud 11 with IPv6 and we are not able to connect to the app store because it only allows IPv4. Do we need a different configuration or won’t it be possible to connect to the store until it allows IPv6 too?

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the latter. IPv6 can only talk to IPv6 and v4 only to v4. There are ways to work around this like 6to4 and stuff but that requires that you have it setup on your end. Until then I’d suggest either assign it a v4 address or just go with a proxy to v4 if you have one at hand?

I wonder why there’s no v6 support yet. A proxy could be as simple as an NGINX box just blindly forwarding the requests…

Something like:

location / {
proxy_pass https://nextclouds_store_api_host$request_uri;

in the config.

Someone could easily create a mirror of the appstore that allows mapping between v4 and v6 but that would undermine security completely and can’t be the idea here. As long as the proxy isn’t under your control you shouldn’t use it.