Not able to change the personal info or upload a file after a fresh installation

i’ve finished a fresh installation on a server, but i’m not able to update the personal information, upload files, etc. The only think that i’ve been able to do is to change the profile image
The only and unic user is the admin and is in the admin group.

I’ve done the same installation process in localhost and all works well

any suggestion?

  • Check the nextcloud.log located in your datadirectory (called data by default)
  • Provide more details about your install method (there are several and they impact how we might suggest troubleshooting proceed)
  • What version of Nexcloud Server? :slight_smile:
  • What, specifically, you mean by “not able to upload files”, etc. We need details to help you since we can’t read minds or look at you through your computer :slight_smile:

thanks @jtr

Seems that there is a memory failure at the installation process, which is done by the setup-nextcloud.php wizard. I assume that the Nextcloud version is the last stable.
The php memory is set to 256mb, which is the maximun allowed by the hosting provider.
Any idea on how to workaround this issue? may by an alternate installation method?