Not able to blend out certain (non-mail) folders in the mail app


Updated the Mail App to version 1.0.0 released today (NC17). Currently I’m not using the native mail app, am using Rainloop instead. One reason is that I in the native mail app, it does not seem possible to blend out certain folders. When I connect to my mail server, I also get folders which are not mail released in the mail app (contacts, journal, etc). This is annoying. Example:

Am I overlooking something or would I need to request this feature to be added to the mail app?

Thanks a lot!


there is no setting to show/hide mailboxes right now. But just to be clear. Are you referring to just hiding arbitrary mailboxes or is this about subscribing/unsubscribing from the on IMAP?


In an attempt to clarify, I have made a screenshot of the following:

Column 1: expanded folder view in the nextcloud mail app
Column 2: all the folders (mail and not mail) that I have in my mail account (kolab)
Column 3: the view I have in my mail-view in kolab (the items marked blue in the second column are technically also mail folders, but I just blended them out here).

I would like to do the same in the nextcloud mail app as I have done in the 3rd column.


Got it. Please open a feature request at

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