Not a password in welcome email

When I create a new user as admin the new user gets an email. In the email only the username is included, not a password. The new user has to go to the login page and than click “forgot password” to use his account.
I expected a password or “automatic” login link in the welcome e-mail.
Nextcloud 16.0.6
Is that normal behavior?

The wonderful search function in the upper right corner of this forum helped to find this information, which might help you too:

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Thank you for your help.
I found that solution with Google but I have no checkbox “send e-mail”.
Also, an email is sent that’s not the problem…
I thought I couldn’t create a user without password but I tried it again and I can create a user without password. That’s a good solution for me.
Thank you!

Eventually this has been changed over the time. Have you tried to use the related function in the breadcrumb menu of a user:


Yes, I tried that but then the same email without password is sent.
It’s a little bit confusing for the new user to click first “Forgot password”.

Creating a new user without password is a good solution. I also don’t like to send passwords by email with this solution that’s not happening.