Noob question I know, but does Nextcloud need a dedicated server?

Hi all,

Sorry for the noob question but does Nextcloud need a dedicated server?

I have a Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS droplet on DigitalOcean with a LAMP stack installed. I currently host 4 domains on the server, all lightly used simple non-php sites with SSL certs.

I’d like to test out Nextcloud and am wondering if I can install it on the same droplet without losing the ability to host the current sites.

Thanks in advance for any advice and replies.


Nope. If you’re already hosting multiple sites and are therefore familiar with vhosts and such, NC can act as a.n.other website. Just keep track of packages you install (cache, redis, etc) and changes you make (vhosts, php.ini, etc) if you want to revert to pre-test on that server.

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Thanks for the quick reply Jason

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