Noob question about self hosted NextCloud

Hello everyone, I’m an “happy” new user of nextcloud, I have some questions for you guys!

  • I installed nextcloud via snap image on a ubuntu pc (and is olso my “first” experience with a home-server) what will happend when an upgrade will be aviable?? Is this a good way to have the own nextcloud installation or docker is better??

  • How can I set cache header for the file? I’m waiting 1min for page loading /dist/core-common.js

  • I have a lowcost hosting, I created a subdomain, and I change dns to point my home ip, but I don’t understand how sincronize the ssl certificate, I need to take the hosting one, or I need to made a new one on my pc??

  • I notice an huge space used from the andoid app (22GB, but only 10 are uploaded) is this normal??

  • Why the app don’t create a zip file and the the server will extract it??

There are a lot of different possibilities. It’s all about your goal and your know how. But I think you will learn more with a normal installation (apache2, php, Nextcloud, MariaDB, …) or Docker.

Search for Lets Encrypt certificates or read this or this at the Lets Encrypt section.

Docker is definitely better.

You can use any certificate you want, but it’s the web server that handles it, not Nextcloud. In the case of snap I believe it comes with its own instance of Apache but I don’t remember off the top of my head how to install the certificate in the snap version.

I don’t think so, but you can go in the app settings and clear the file cache to free up space on the phone.

@tesla91 @KarlF12
Oh yes. If you use snap you must use snap mechanism. I think also for ssl certificates.
I think snap uses Lets Encrypt certificates with their own scripts.

My links above are for a manual installation of Apache2, Lets Encrypt, PHP, MariaDB and Nextcloud.


Snap is super easy. It takes care of everything by itself. Including all updates to NextCloud and its dependencies. Only thing you would need to manually update is your OS.

I am a snap user and I am very happy with it.

Snap is for people like me, who are semi or non technical. Wants an out of the box, plug n play solution. Where they wish to use NextCloud without tinkering.

Docker method will allow greater degree flexibility with deep customization. Prefer that if you are willing or need to do heavy modification or customization of the NextCloud install.

Snap can do the Let’s encrypt SSL for you and your sub-domain. Refer here → Enabling HTTPS (SSL, TLS) · nextcloud-snap/nextcloud-snap Wiki (

However, if your cheap hosting is having a control panel, like cPanel or DirectAdmin, you probably have SSL there. You can use that SSL certificate for your sub-domain in your local server.

Refer here → Using your own SSL certs in snap · Issue #199 · nextcloud-snap/nextcloud-snap · GitHub

I actually do this same, bring my domain’s wild card SSL from my cPanel host to my local server for SSL of my snap nextcloud.

No. Something may be misconfigured at your App end as it has uploaded 22GB already !!

I don’t see any option in NC webview. It seems it can’t extract Zip. Not sure, may be others can confirm.


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