Noob here: easy way to run ncp on my odroid hc2 with omv

First many thanks for the ingenious cloud. So far I had nextcloudplus on my pi3 and I was thrilled! Now I have purchased an odroid hc2 with a wd-red 2 tb. My idea is now omv3/4 with the docker plugin (gui) and nextcloudplus for security and ncp panel. Is that already possible or is there another simple method. If yes, I would be very grateful for any suggestion, link or guide. actually I am only missing dlna or a kind of mediaServer and jddownloader and torrrentig via vpn with nextcloud.

Hi Did tried for few days.

With OMV4 + docker image for Nextcloud.

After a tremendous fighting hours by hours.
I would say i gave up. As something is not right with my docker container.
Container kept on restarting for mariadb and nextcloud.
In the end i cant run it well.
Funny things is i kept on trying till i come here and just install ncp image with serving my purpose of having hc2 with samba connection and cloud.
Well it is not easy to join big group in one device.

But do let me know once you managed to run it with docker container. I may spent my times to play it again. :slight_smile:

Here is someguide for the start :slight_smile:

Goodluck :slight_smile:

I am real new to this forum and have only marginal experience, but I would say buy a second Odroid and run omv and ncp separately. I beat my head on the ground for almost a month trying to get docker-nc to run remotely from omv. I finally turned to ncp a couple of days ago and was up and running with DuckDNS in just a few hours.

@brotbox There is a working NCP image for odroid hc2 available here.
It seems, from NCP users, it performs much better than rpi3 at running NC
Never used omv, only tried it once or twice in a VM and thru berryboot on my rpi3.
Omv is loadable from the berryboot menu as an app, ready to go. FYI you can also use that same menu to load a NCP image for berryboot
Installing berryboot is a breezer, just unzip into fat32 formated sd and boot and follow instruction as shown in docu above. Allows you format and use external usb drive for OS, so even a 4Gb card is plenty and last a lot longer as its only used to boot the system.