Non-UTF-8 character set found in MySQL/MariaDB

Originally this message reads in German:
Es wurde ein Nicht-UTF-8-Zeichensatz für MySQL/MariaDB gefunden

I get this notification each time I switch to the news app.
This happens the first time I upgrade to NC 12.0.5 and installed newly the news app.

I followed already the advice and changed the column settings of all news tables in phpmyadmin with, e.g.,
COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci;

After that, I stopped and started mysql and apache2. But the result is all the same.

my nextcloud DB is using utf8mb4_general_ci
unfortunatly i dont have any oc_news table to check, but all my table are set as utf8_bin collation

nextcloud 12 with same problem

Hey stratege1401,
thanks a lot for this link. I followed the procedure and this did the trick.

The news notification is rather misleading. I would have never linked this issue with the “Enabling MySQL 4-byte support” section in the admin manual.

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