Non-profit creating FOSS looking for NC help

Hello Folks, i am helping to lead a volunteer group of developers build FOSS to help people with challanges with mental health, substance use, and trauma.
We have been looking for an inexpensive collaboration platform to use for all our teams.
I finally found Nextcloud which I love, but the team isnt using, mostly because we cant set it up properly and no one knows how to use it or has time to figure it out.

Is there someone in the NC community that would volunteer an hour or two to help us?
If not I will pay someone a reasonable amount to help. We are currently underfunded and cant afford the ‘enterprise’ package.


Thank you so much!

I have spent the last 7 weeks looking at dozens and dozens of platforms and apps for team collaboration to help our non-profit create FREE software to HELP PEOPLE.
I have found some great products along the way but they are all too expensive and most need further extentions and intergrations with other expensive software to be fully functioning.
We have had many volunteers leave the project because we didnt have the proper collaboration platform.
I searched and searched and searched. I had literally gave up. I had come across and was going to use that. I was unimpressed with it and did One final search and I saw NextCloud pop on the screen.
I quickly researched it and figured out how to download it. Within a short time I was looking at all the apps NC has and started to realize this WAS IT! I had finally found the HOME for my (our) project!
I have so many responsibilities and tasks to do. I have spent a lot of time trying to configure all the sitting and see how it all works, but i only have ao much time I can devote to a system I dont understand. I am a carpenter, handyman, and house painter by trade. I am only doing computer to try and help my community.
I am a Peer Recovery Support Specialist, which means I work with people like Me that have challenges with Mental Health, Substance Use, and TRAUMA. There are millions and millions of people in the world like me that need that need immediate support.
The software we are organizing to build will help that immediate NEED. People need HELP.

The redacted needs help! Please someone help us!
Please help us so we can help others.

We are also looking for researchers in Europe with an hour or two a week to volunteer. We need to research ALL of the Resources available for people in Europe that need help with Mental Health, Substance Use, and Trauma. This is a huge undertaking, but with many hands AND NextCloud we can collect and store that data, then incorporate it into our software so people can easily asscess those resources.

PLEASE HELP US! Yes I will beg. I will beg and I will steal to help my community and the suffering people of the world. Ty

I joined your Discord channel and will help out if i see issues where i can contribute. Good luck with the project!


Your feedback means absolutely nothing to me and it isnt helpful at all. Maybe you should find a professional project to criticize.
I am working class person trying to help people.
You and your professional class can stay in your lane and mind your business.

Calling my projext a scam is an insult and you should keep your bullshit theory to yourself.

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@wielinde please take a look, thank you Sir!

@Daphne @max-nextcloud

Honestly, I am not sure what that is. I have skimmed the linked URL but did not find much information before one has to log in. Additionally, the linked project URL redacted links to an empty apache folder and the time the “survey” (or whatever this is) was published is still 2h ago (and the survey was published probably 4d ago).

All in all I am not sure if this a true request or scam, honestly. I highly suggest to provide more information on this topic:

  • Is this pure informational?
  • Is there any request for support (they claim to be hire or have open positions)?
  • What are the requirements?
  • What are you after? I mean, research is by definition not development. You can develop as a means to implement and test stuff but this does not match with the description as far as I can tell.

Sorry for my harsh words, I want to share my impression with this effort so far.

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Mr. Wolff, maybe you could volunteer for our project and re-write our project description in a more professional way, so that professional Researchers, like yourself, would under stand it better.

Thank you @christianlupus Publicly for being kind enough to offer to help me re-write the content.
You are a gentleman and an inspiration in kindness. Thank you Joel

@anon63099092 You already posted here and it is not needed to post on every category of the forum. Also @christianlupus question are legit. I know that you have gathered quiet some people who seem eager to contribute but they also do not understand they are working on.

My understanding is that you are trying to use Nextcloud as a tool to organize the workflow for the entire team and this forum is the right place to find resources, information and also people who would help you out on how to Nextcloud as a collaboration tool but Nextcloud is only the tool where you are willing to organize your work. You need to set straight what are you willing to achieve with your project and set some goals and work with the people that have offered to help so far to see if you are on the same boat.

I envy you for your passion and for spending so much time on gathering people but without a common goal it won’t last. I wish you good luck!

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Thank you very much Irdi.
You raise what I already know and you then stand around with your hands in your pocket instead of helping me.
You can see clearly the team needs NC as a platform to gather on and you are a veteran NC platform admistrator and you couldnt spend an hour working with the team in how to use it?
No you didnt. You came on here and wrote this comment. Instead. Wow thanks for the help. Good luck to you brother.

Thank you for the hint @irdi, I joined both topics together.

@anon63099092 this forum is driven by volunteers - please stay polite and kind all the time!!


I have contributed to many projects and i would not take back a single minute of my time even if it was possible.
When i found your first post in the forum i really wanted to contribute my skills as a system administrator but you did not need one because you are using a managed hosting instance.
Even though it was far away from what i wanted to contribute i gave you advice on tools and how i think you should proceed with the people you have gathered so far but if you don’t know what you are doing do not expect those who you are calling to join you to know.

Good luck with your project, whatever and however it comes out and feel free to ping me in here if you need any technical help.

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You are a gentlman and an inspiration Sir
I cried when you first offered to help.
Our team will succeed and part of that success will be the positive vibes that you brimg to oir project. Thank you for the support and I am sorry I am mental. oel

I am trying please delte me posts on this forum as I asked. Thank you

Anonymized. Goodbye, and sorry you decided to go.

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