Non Admin Users Not Writable

Hello all.

I installed NC, setup some users, uploaded files and such. Then I had mounted a freenas dataset as storage to the server, which “replaced” the directory I was working in before. I had to reinit and basically start over with the files directory. Not a big deal as files there were not yet for real.

However, now, if I log in as admin I can upload, edit, etc… but any of the users that were already in the database cannot do anything.

So basically, the files directory and the database list of files are out of sync (showing files that no longer exist) and only admin user can do anything.

I tried running:

sudo -u www php occ files:scan --all

But even that only works on admin user. All other users have a “Home storage for user {USERNAME} not writable” error.

How can I fix this? To make users’ folders writable again and re-sync database to remove links to non-existing files.

Thank you in advance

Same problem for me. every user (either local or LDAP) is locked out and runnning the same command displays the same message.

thank you in advance for the reply