Noit possible to delete files from "local external storage"


I have added an external storage as admin in my Nextcloud - so every user can access it. It’s just another file location (/media/…/) which is not in the nextcloud data folder (and also cannot move to it).
The configuration ist “local” and it is not read-only. But it’s not possible for any user to delete files. There is just no option in Nextcloud to delete a file.

The files can opened, downloaded, shared … but not deleted.

Where do I have to check what’s wrong?

Thanks and regards

Hi @exaveal

My guess would be wrong permissions on /media/…/. Check if the user of the webserver has write access to this folder…

Thanks so easy. Ich wasn’t expecting that Nextcloud does not offer “delete” if the user of nextcloud does not have the file permissions. Thanks!

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