NoIP mapping?

First off, Huge Thumbs up and BIG Thanks to the Nextcloud Dev team(s). Had made detaching from hosted cloud services (dropbox, onedrive, ect…) so much better and brought back piece of mind in security from online hosting providers from being hacked all the time. Thanks. :slight_smile:

So I use no-ip to do serv my dynamic dns needs and and for the most part that works pretty well.

I recently got my nextcloud all setup and working almost 100% the way I want it to thanks to lots of reading and even more trial and error. :smile:

The last thing I am trying to figure out how to do is make h.t.t.p.s:// point to my apache nextcloud install path /var/www/nextcloud (/var/www/html/ is my actual webroot). Today my full url for nextcloud is h.t.t.p.s:// But the tricky part (for me at least) is that I dont want h.t.t.p.s:// to go straight to my nextcloud installation logon I want to keep it at the parked page it has now. I use my main webroot as a parked website since I do a lot reverse proxy path/url stuff on the same apache host. Im thinking this can be done by tweaking my .htaccess file or apache.conf maybe with a rewrite rule or something but not sure how. I already have a dns wildcard setup in such as * so that may take care of part of my question/issue? So if I go to h.t.t.p.s:// it go to my main webroot. Im looking for it to go straight to my nextcloud install without effecting h.t.t.p.s://

Can what im after be done?

My server is Debian 9.x (x64) running locally (self hosted).