Noip letsencrypt errors when instaling on Rpi4

Here’s a pastebin of my issue
and here’s in image of my page

any advice on understanding the issue will be welcomed.

Seems you did not specify an email address:

certbot: error: argument -m/–email: expected one argument

Thank you
Where do i need to provide the email??
I just followed the wizzard.

Open ncp pannel, there is under Network the Letsencrypt app, fill the first line if it is not already, then fill the 3rd line with your email address

Great it worked
Thank you
I wonder if i done something wrong.
I followed the wizard and got that error - following from your advice it fixed it.
I am confused because a wizard suppose to lead you through the process with minimal knowledge from the user side??
Thank any way
Merry xmas

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In that case please mark the solution as such for others experiencing similar issues