No webdav access under win11 ... certificate error?

I have Nextcloud running as a turnkey LXC container on Proxmox. I have my own domain and port 443 is open and leads to Nextcloud. The domain is listed as a trusted site and I can access it from outside. But I still have to confirm that I trust the untrusted certificate.
I managed to connect to the Nextcloud via WebDav using my Android smartphone. Unfortunately I can’t connect from one of my Windows 11 PCs via WebDav. I follow the instructions exactly and am then asked for the access data and get the following error messages: Mutual authentication failed. The server password is out of date on the domain controller. (in German: Die gegenseitige Authentifizierung ist fehlgeschlagen. Das Serverkennwort ist nicht mehr aktuell am Domönencontroller.)
I suspect a certificate error. But can’t get it fixed. But I would like to connect the network drive as well as the client (which runs without any problems).

I’d say this problem is likely to solve itself, by using a signed certificate from e.g. Let’s Encrypt.

I mean, why are you using a self-signed certificate when your server is accessible from the Internet and you already have your own domain. That doesn’t make much sense to me.

I actually thought I already had lets encrypt running. But I have to admit that I don’t really understand it. So I’m looking for another guide

I’m not using the TurnKey Linux containers my self, but maybe this is of any help… Confconsole - Let's Encrypt | TurnKey GNU/Linux

I have now set up letsencrypt in the confconsole. Unfortunately I no longer have access to my nextcloud. neither from the inside nor from the outside. internally via ip I get to the nginx page “Welcome to nginx!”. What else do I have to set up so that I have access again?

Can I at least undo this first? stupidly didn’t create a snap

Hard to say, whitout knowing the specific configuartions and scripts used in their containers, also I’m not an nginx expert…

Maybe you can also post in their forums about this specific issue: Forum | TurnKey GNU/Linux

I had entered the domain in the confconsole but somehow there was nothing in the certbot. I have now entered my domain there.
I am now coming to the Welcome to nginx! page. But how do I get to my nextcloud?!

Sorry I can’t help you any further with your specific issue…

However, I would like to provide a few general tips.

  1. No offense, but I get the feeling that you probably should familiarise yourself a little more with the dependencies of Nextcloud, such as web servers in general, SSL config etc. before you use it in production.

  2. If you’re still in the learning and testing phase with your project (which I hope you are), search forums and the internet in general, and try to figure out things by yourself as much as possible. This will help you to become more familiar with the things involved, and you will be able to solve more issues on your own in the future. Take one step at the time, and if it’s completely broken you can always start over…

  3. If you don’t want to put that much effort in it, and you want to increase the chance that someone can help you here in the official Nextcloud forums, I highly recommend to use something official, instead of any third party scripts or containers. My personal recommendation would be Nextcloud AIO

  4. (should probably be #1 :wink: ) Since you are using Proxmox: Always take a snapshot of the container or the VM before you do any changes to it! This allows you to undo those changes with a single mouse click, in case something goes wrong.

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