No video in x265 (HEVC) videos (only sound)

What are the dependencies necessary for proper HEVC support in Nextcloud?

I’m getting sound but no video for videos that are h265. Running stable version 18.

I understand if my question comes off simple, but I’ve searched the life out of it and cannot find the answer. I have install ffmpeg and other dependencies including x265. However, I am not getting video - only sound on video playback. And I am getting thumbnails, so it’s strictly an issue of no video…

It’s not on the server side. It’s your browser.

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Firefox - No video, yes sound.
Chrome - No video, yes sound.
Edge - Error loading.

What browser supports HEVC if not Firefox and Chrome??? :\

Mobile browsers.

Edge with the following extension.

HEVC is not a royalty free codec. Browsers like chrome and firefox refuse to support it on the PC because of that.

They do support it on mobile devices, likely for video efficiency and apple.

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I also would like to be able to play HEVC videos but absent support in the player, I use the Convert Video app to convert to .m4v which plays fine.

Then you are looking for something like plex which can convert HEVC to H264 on the fly. That’s not nextcloud.

You can certainly use the video app but that converts the entire video. At that point why upload HEVC at all?

FWIW, the videos are not being uploaded by me, they are being dropped into a read-only folder. Sometimes the videos are HEVC and sometimes they are not. I use the video convert app to make them all viewable. I would love to find a way to use workflows to automatically do the conversion.

HEVC is more popular than you think. Many devices strictly encode in HEVC. Converting video will always reduce quality.

Yes and most of those devices can play HEVC in the browser.

I’m not saying it’s not popular though!

File decoding has nothing to do with the software that serves the files over the network (nextcloud) - it takes place in the client software. If one piece of software cannot “play” a file, you can try another one. in your case, you could try kodi or mpv/mplayer/vlc to play the file directly. ffplay/ffstream might be worth a try - or just mount the nextcloud-dir with davfs and use any software you like.
if your server is really powerful you can install sth. like ffmpeg on it and convert the files to a standardized format with the server. i think libx265 is well supported (and not patent-encumbered) but you have to take care to use the correct encoding parameters.
To decode the video-files with html-rendering and javascript-execution-software (“browser”) it might be easier to use the ogg-theora-codec (OGV) since the ability to decode this format is part of the HTML5-standard (i think).

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