No upgrade from NC 20

I read NC 22 has been released, but my installation (20.0.11) isn’t offering any upgrade.

Change the system to look for Beta releases as well. Recomment first to upgrade to latest NC21, and then to NC22.

They do staged rollouts for testing and server load purposes.

A two version gap silence is most likely due to old versions of PHP and/or mySQL…

PHP 7.4.20
MySql 8.0.25
So what?

What does it offer if you switch the release channel to beta?

@bb77 we’re NOT talking of beta channel.
I’m asking why STABLE channel has a two major version gap silence.

I know that, I just wanted to follow up, since you diddn’t respond to the post, that suggested this as a workaround. If you want a detailed analysis or a discussion about why you haven’t received the update via the stable channel yet, I can’t contribute any more than the previous posters already did. Sorry.

He did NOT say to INSTALL it from the beta channel, he asked you to see what is OFFERED by the beta channel.