No Upgrade Button - 17.0.10 to 18.0.14


I am attempting to upgrade my 17.0.10 installation to 18.0.14 (which it shows as the next available upgrade). The update button however does not appear. I have disabled all third party apps. All apps show as having updates available. I have also installed all of the required/optional PHP modules for version 18. I am currently using php version 7.3 on a Ubuntu installation. Nothing appears in the Nextcloud log. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Did you try the updater app from command line? When you are in the nextcloud folder:
sudo -u www-data php updater/updater.phar

Perhaps also check the version of php --version on command line first, the php executable could also be called php7.3 or similar. Once you are upgraded, I’d remove older versions to not mix different versions on your system (unless you need them for other applications).

Thanks, that got me updated and pointed me in the right direction. I had to disable the old PHP version. Thanks again!